Should my organization apply?

We keep our application process as open as possible because we believe that every organization is deserving of consideration.  That being said, we are a foundation with a very small team of staff and we try to limit air travel because of its effect on the climate. This means we often are not able to perform in-person site visits outside of our geographic region (Utah). 

So, while we believe all organizations are worthy of consideration, our currect lack of capacity to travel means that we generally discourage applications that are outside of Utah unless a prospective applicant is supported by a strategic funder that is very well aligned with RTNF (sometimes referred to as a "peer funder"). If you're unsure whether your organization is supported by a funder that qualifies, you can send us a list of your current funders and ask if it would make sense to apply. If your organization isn't located in Utah or doesn't share a peer funder, it may be impossible for us to complete due diligence of your organization and is probably better to not apply.

While we want to keep our application process as open as possible, we have incorporated this recommendation to prospective applicants because we believe your time is immensely valuable, and we would hate for any of it to be wasted on our application process if we won't really be able to offer your organization the attention it deserves. For more information about how we evaluate organizations, we recommend reviewing the information here and here.