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The Grantmaking Process

Below you'll find information about key deadlines and when you can expect to hear back from us. For information about what we look for in applicants, please see the other pages in the Grantseekers tab. Please note that the 2020 application cycle will take place on our new grant portal. We will be closing our FluidReview portal shortly.

STEP 1 - Self-assess your eligibility and fit

Deadline: Complete any time


Before you can begin an application for funding, check whether you meet our eligibility criteria. This helps us determine if a prospective applicant meets minimum elibility requirements. You should also review our grantmaking criteria to evaluate whether or not your organization is a good fit for RTNF.

STEP 2 - Create an account

Complete any time


When you'll hear back:

Right away

If your organization/program meets minimum eligibility requirements, you may proceed to create an account on our grantmaking portal*. This will include providing some basic information about your organization (e.g., contact information, address, EIN number, etc.).

*Please note the change listed in red above.

STEP 3 - Submit application materials

Deadine to submit: 

February 1st 

When you'll hear back:

No later than May 1st

Once you've created an account, you may proceed to submit your organization's primary application materials. This will include the grant request form, description of the purpose of the grant, basic financial information, and an explanation of how the request meets each of our grantmaking criteria.*

*In the past, this was in the form of a 3-page LOI. In 2020, we will alter the format in which in this information is provided.

STEP 4 - Due diligence stage

Deadline to submit materials:

May 1st

When you'll hear back:

It depends. We'll be in contact once all applicants' paper materials are reviewed (usually mid-summer). You'll get a final decision by early October.

After reviewing the LOI, the board and staff will determine whether to continue to due diligence review. During due diligence, staff dedicates more time to applicants to attempt to get to know them on a deeper level to determine fit. This stage of review includes submission of additional information and internal strategy documents, submission of proposed milestones for the requested grant period (milestone instructions can be found here), conversations with key staff and board members, conversations with other partners, stakeholders, and funders, and, occasionally, site visits. The due diligence process is typically completed by September.

STEP 5 - Finalizing grant


November 1

When you'll hear back:

November or December

Organizations that are approved for a grant will return a signed grant agreement and provide payment information by November 1. Approved grants are typically sent in November or December.

STEP 6 - Annual reporting


Each following November

When you'll hear back:

Throughout winter

Grantees will report on the outcomes of their RTNF grant by the November 1st following the grant period (e.g., 2017 grants are reported on by November 1st, 2018) according to milestones set by the grantee. After submitting, the Program Officer will reach out sometime during winter for check-in calls or visits, as time allows. For multi-year grant commitments, grant monies will be provided each November or December.