Portfolio Associate 

Location: Phoenix, Arizona or along the Wasatch Front in Utah (location flexible depending on experience)

Reports to: Executive Director


Position Type: Part-time (average 30 hours/week)

Salary Range: $36,400 - $43,680  (pay commensurate with experience)

Benefits: Work from home most days, health stipend, 2 weeks paid vacation

Travel: Limited


Posting Expires: October 1st, 2020.


The Ray and Tye Noorda Foundation makes sizeable, multi-year grants to nonprofit organizations in its community (Utah) and internationally who do an exceptional job at providing opportunities and relief to those who are vulnerable, marginalized, or disenfranchised. 


Typically, RTNF begins funding relationships with these organizations at the “mezzanine” level of their organizational life--after proof of concept and as organizations are beginning to scale in earnest. As such, we highly value organizations with field-changing leaders, rigorous evidence of profound, life-changing impact, and ambitious, attainable, and downright inspiring strategic plans. 


In all of our operations and interactions with grantees and applicants, we strive to be “grantee-centric”, meaning we that we empathize with non-profits and strive to make interactions fruitful and efficient for them, as well as ourselves. We are a small team, so we strive for efficiency in our operations and cherish relationships with our peer funders whose work we share in and contribute to. 



We are seeking a smart, humble, and analytical professional to be our Portfolio Associate. The Portfolio Associate’s primary responsibilities are to: (1) maintain current grantee relationships by conducting annual reviews of grantees, keeping up with progress and challenges grantees are having, and offering support to current grantees, (2) review new applications and make funding recommendations, and (3) respond to general inquiries from grantees and applicants. Ideally, the majority of the Program Associate’s time will be spent on keeping up with current grantees struggles and successes and conducting due diligence for renewal grants. The Program Associate will also participate in quarterly board meetings by creating reports for the board of trustees.



Specific responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Maintaining and building grantee relationships, including:

    1. Conducting annual due diligence of applicants and grantees, focusing on RTNF’s grantmaking criteria: rigorous evidence of impact, strong leadership, sustainability, and ambitious, achievable strategic plans

    2. Reviewing annual reporting and identify and check-in with organizations who are doing well, those who are experiencing challenges that RTNF may assist with, and those who are experiencing major challenges

    3. Updating grant relationship system information by logging calls and due diligence reports

    4. Designing and co-creating short grantee profiles with and for our grantees that may be shared externally with others to increase grantees’ visibility

    5. Responding to general inquiries from applicants and grantees

    6. Participate in quarterly board meetings

      1. Put together reference materials for board meeting

      2. Contribute to board meeting minutes and agenda

    7. Understands small team dynamics

      1. Looks for opportunities to help in other areas and develops the role according to their strengths

      2. Innovates to ensure efficiency


Education, Experience, and Qualifications

  • 1-3 years work experience

  • Salesforce proficiency

  • Coursework in statistics and program evaluation

  • Experience in monitoring and evaluation of social programs

  • Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree degree preferred in: Public Policy, Statistics, Social Sciences, Public or Business Administration, Nonprofit management, International Development, or Relations or a related field


Preferred Strengths and Skills

  • Analytical and critical thinker

  • Solid quantitative skills

    • Understands basic principles of statistics and sound program evaluation and limitations (e.g., RCTs, quasi-experimental studies, etc.)

  • Technically proficient (i.e., either has experience in Salesforce or can learn quickly)

  • Proactively engaged/self-starter

    • Always looking to learn more 

    • Sees opportunity for improvement and improved efficiency almost everywhere

  • Relationship Management/Networking

  • Team player

  • Upholds personal and organizational values with kindness and humility

  • Communicative and able to take and offer feedback well

  • Logical and structured thinker with clear and compelling communication style


Other Details

  • There is a 90-day trial period for new employees. After 90 days, regular employment is established. During the trial period and at all times thereafter, however, employment with RTNF is at will of both parties.

  • RTNF is headquartered in Lindon, Utah, but this position will be remote at our office in Phoenix, Arizona. We may have location flexiblity depending on experience level of candidate, but would strongly prefer a candidate who is located in Utah County or Phoenix, AZ.


Apply by submitting cover letter, resume, and quantitative writing sample to:


333 S 520 W Suite 101, Lindon, UT 84042

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