Other Guidelines for Applicants
Multi-year and General Operating Grant Requests

We are open to multi-year grant requests and general operating/unrestricted grant requests. For general operating grants, we generally suggest a grant period of 3 years. Our hope is that by providing multi-year funding, we help our partners to achieve their strategic goals.

Maximum Request Amount

First and foremost, we strongly encourage applicants not to make grant requests that will, if awarded, harm their organizations in the event that we do not or cannot renew funding at the end of the grant period. It is up to the applicant to design the request in such a way that limits the risk to its organization should we choose to grant your request but refuse a renewal request in the future. See here for more information. In addition to these recommendations, we also recommend that applicants should not request more than 20% of their general operating support from us for non-capital grants (and in most cases, it is best to stay well below 20%).

Maximum Indirect Cost Rate

Indirect costs are costs that are not directly accountable to a cost object (such as a particular project, facility, function or product). Indirect costs may be either fixed or variable. Indirect costs include administration, personnel and security costs.

Indirect cost rates for grants and contracts are subject to the following limitations:

  • For government agencies, other private foundations, and for-profit organizations: 0%.

  • For U.S. universities and community colleges: Up to 10%.

Indirect Costs Reimbursements = Rate % * Total Project Costs (incl. personnel, sub‐contracts, supplies, equipment, etc.) 

Rates and limitations apply to both the primary applicant organization and any sub‐grantees and sub‐contractors.  Each respective organization may receive indirect costs up to the rate applicable to their organization type. For example, if a U.S. university is the primary awardee and includes an international organization as a sub‐grantee, the U.S. university can receive up to a 10% rate.