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Inblogural Address

Hi, welcome to RTNF's official blog, and our first blog post. As I've thought about what to say here, I figured the most important thing to do is explain why we're even making a blog, and also let potential readers know what they might expect from it.

There are a few reasons we thought to make a blog. The first reason is that we think it will be a good tool to help us achieve our goal of organizational transparency. We want to let our community, peer funders, grantees, and applicants know what we're doing and why we're doing it whenever possible. We want others to be able to build on what we learn, open discussions, and correct us when needed.

The second reason we're entering the blogosphere is to have a forum to express due congratulations to our grantees. We think our new grantees are doing fantastic work in fantastic ways, and this blog will serve as our virtual attempt to shout our declarations of love for them from our website's rooftop.

Finally, we're blogging because we want to post lessons about what we're learning. RTNF has been around for a while, but in many ways, we're finding our feet all over again. As we learn more about how to make impactful grants, we want to document those lessons, both for ourselves, and for others to use.

That's why we're making this blog, but I should also say that this blog may have multiple contributors--both staff and board members. Readers should be aware that unless otherwise stated, most of these blog posts will only represent the views of the particular person posting, not the organization of RTNF as a whole. There may be posts we put out as an organization, but in general, each post will represent the thoughts of its respective author.

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