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What's a "Legacy Grantee"?

At RTNF, we use the term "Legacy Grantee" fairly frequently. Applicants and grantees probably see us reference this special category of grantee, but may not know what it means.

So, what is a Legacy Grantee?

A Legacy Grantee is a grantee that is special to RTNF because, in many cases, they are funding partnerships we have maintained since the days of our founders, Ray and Tye. Legacy Grantees are not currently required to submit requests for funding according to normal grant periods, but are awarded a relatively consistent gift each year and are simply required to report on the use of those funds at the end of each year.

Since 2015, RTNF has been overseen by a second generation of board members, and we have bolstered new funding areas. We refer to our new grants as Regular or Strategic Grants, and the older, more automatic funding relationships are referred to as Legacy Grants.

How do I know if I'm a Legacy Grantee?

By now, we have informed all of our Legacy Grantees of their special status. As mentioned above, most of these organizations were originally supported by Ray or Tye Noorda many years ago, and in their honor and memory we have continued to make these annual gifts.

Can Legacy Grantees apply for funding?

As mentioned above, Legacy Grantees are not required to submit regular funding requests, although they do report on our annual gift each year. They are typically awarded a consistent grant amount each year. However, they also are not prohibited from making additional funding requests for funding over and above the regular annual gift RTNF makes to them. New funding requests are reviewed according to our stated mission, values, and criteria.

We hope this post clarifies what we mean by "Legacy Grants"!

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