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Announcing RTNF's 2022 Partners

At the end of 2022, RTNF welcomed 14 new partners and renewed (or provided additional) support to 7 current partners. Congratulations to all these partners! We look forward to working (or continuing to work) with you.

We also are grateful to all those who helped during our due diligence process by sharing thoughts, notes, and experiences related to these fantastic organizations. We deeply appreciate your time and perspective!

New global partners:

  • Ceres, Inc. - Ceres mobilizes private sector voices to educate policymakers on the business case for a greener economy.

  • Development Media International - DMI creates evidence-based mass media behavior change campaigns to improve health and save lives.

  • Food4Education - F4E is a locally founded organization that provides subsidized nutritious meals to primary school children in Kenya to improve nutrition, end classroom hunger, improve school attendance and performance.

  • Friendship Bench Zimbabwe - The Friendship Bench is a Zimbabwean-founded and lead organization that provides sustainable community based psychological interventions that are evidence based, accessible and scalable.

  • IDinsight - IDinsight is a mission-driven global advisory, data analytics, and research organization that helps global development leaders maximize their social impact.

  • Imagine Worldwide - Imagine helps children build literacy and numeracy skills through localized educational content loaded onto tablets that work even in the most rural settings (off grid and without internet).

  • Lively Minds - Lively Minds helps get preschoolers in rural Africa school-ready by training kindergarten teachers and other education staff, who in turn educate mothers on play-based learning and developmental milestones.

  • Peek Vision Foundation - Peek Vision is a social enterprise that powers eye health providers working in low- and middle-income countries to optimize their services and strengthen health systems.

  • Peer Health Exchange - Peer Health Exchange (PHE) seeks to directly address the need for mental health support by delivering inclusive, impactful health education through schools in under-resourced communities through direct-to-youth health solutions including their new health app selfsea (visit

  • Spark MicroGrants - Spark enables communities to design and launch their own social impact projects. Spark’s key innovation the Facilitated Collective Action Process (FCAP), a form of community driven development (CDD), is an annual village planning plus grant model that builds the social and economic power of families to drive local change.

New Utah partners:

  • American Heart Association Social Impact Fund Utah - AHA’s Social Impact Fund provides grants and convertible debt instruments to community-based social enterprises and nonprofits that support sustainable, long-term solutions to systemic health inequities.

  • Moab Free Health Clinic - The Moab Free Health Clinic works to ensure all members of the Moab community have access to quality medical care and health resources regardless of race, religion, age, gender, health care coverage, or financial need. They also are the coordinating organization of a new nonprofit campus in Moab that houses many community resources.

  • Sageland Collaborative - Sageland Collaborative restores streams, which reconnects them with their floodplains and the habitat that depends upon them, retains ground water, sequesters carbon in plant life, and improves water quality.

  • Switchpoint Community Resource Center Stepping Stones 24/7 Childcare - Stepping Stones is a 24/7 child care center specifically designed to meet the needs of children who have experienced homelessness and/or extreme poverty, and a part of Switchpoint's growing suite of services to help end homelessness by addressing the underlying causes of poverty.

Renewed global partners:

  • Against Malaria Foundation - AMF protects people from malaria. They fund nets and ensure they are distributed and used. They show funders where the nets go. And they monitor and report their use and impact.

  • myAgro - myAgro helps smallholder farmers in Mali, Senegal, and Tanzania to increase their farm yields and income by offering: (1) training, (2) access to high quality farming inputs like seeds and fertilizer, and (3) critical services like a savings based approach to purchasing inputs and assistance with diagnosing and treating common challenges, from pests to climate challenges.

Renewed Utah partners:

  • Friends for Sight - Friends for Sight provides free vision screenings and eye exams, working to ensure that all people have access to quality eye care.

  • Project Read - Project Read helps adults achieve self-sufficiency by acquiring literacy and life skills. They provide literacy classes, a developmental math program, digital skills classes, and a conversation class.

  • Shriners Children's Salt Lake City - Shriners provides customized pediatric care that leads to increased safety, security, independence, and the highest level of mobility possible to every child that suffers from diseases of the bones, muscles, and joints.

  • Utah Clean Energy Alliance - Utah Clean Energy is helping lead and accelerate the clean energy transformation, creating a future that ensures healthy, thriving communities for all, empowered and sustained by clean energy.

  • Volunteers of America, Utah - VOA Utah’s Detoxification Services provide social model detox services and outpatient counseling to adult men and women in Salt Lake County detoxing from addictive substances.

For a larger list of our current partners, check out our See Our Partners page.

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