• Brittany Erikson

New Noorda Foundation Application Portal is Launched!

Today we're launching our new grant portal, where applicants and grantees will apply, monitor their grants, and report on any awards. We made a switch so that we can more effectively manage our relationships, be more responsive, better analyze our data, and eliminate bugs from our previous system. Whether you're a current or prospective grantee, we encourage you to register yourself and your organization by following the link above and clicking New User.

The new portal include a few changes to the application process as well. Please note:

  1. Applicants will need to complete a self-assessment of their eligibility before applying. See here.

  2. All grantees and applicants will need to register at the new portal, regardless of whether you had an account on our old portal.

  3. We have altered the format of the Primary Application Stage. While we previously took 3-page Letters of Inquiry in the Primary Application, we have now broken our criteria out into discrete text fields. You can review our complete Grant Process and other updates to it by clicking here.

But some things haven't changed.

  1. As always, we highly recommend reviewing our grantmaking criteria when completing the application, as we use a rubric that is built directly from these criteria for the primary application.

  2. Applications are due by 11:59 pm MST on February 1st, 2020.

We've done our best to make the new site easy to use, but if you have any questions or comments, feel free to email Brittany at We expect to make changes with the help of your feedback for next year.

Happy applying!

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